Residential Pest Control

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Houseguests

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Houseguests

Reliable residential pest control services are just a phone call away

If it's time for your quarterly pest control appointment, ensure that your home's interior, exterior and garage are treated properly by hiring the pros at Flower Power Pest Control. We'll inspect your home, seal off entry points and treat your living areas efficiently. If you need us to spray your property in between appointments, our crew will complete the job free of charge.

To learn more about our insect and rodent control services, call 405-534-2448 now.

Don't let dangerous pests around your kids or pets

Wondering which pests we can get rid of? Our priority is eliminating the most dangerous pests first, which include:

Fiddleback spiders - also known as the brown recluse, this spider's bite can cause severe pain, ulcers and seizures
Black widow spiders - although it's rarely fatal, this spider's bite can cause acute pain, muscle cramps and nausea
German cockroaches - because it carries viruses, bacteria and parasites, this roach's presence can cause diarrhea and dysentery

We'll also remove various rodents, including mice, rats, moles and gophers.

Protect your family from harmful pests by scheduling an appointment with us today.